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Ocean Angler Sliders – 80gm

Ocean Angler Slider Rig Features:

  • Shaped jig head with skirts and ties
  • Weighted jig head slides up the line away from the hooks when a fish is hooked
  • Eliminates the leverage effect of the lure against the hooks
  • Large trace hole for improved lead-head sliding and reduced trace damage
  • Tough, seductive (and replaceable) rubber tentacles
  • Ultra sharp assist hooks
  • Weight: 80grams


Product Details

If there’s fish down below, the Ocean Angler Slider Rig will find them. This deadly effective lure is easy to use and perfect for bottom fishing. It features a uniquely shaped head that slides up the line away from the hooks when a fish is hooked. This unique shape results in a natural action that mimics wounded baitfish. Pair that up with a fluttering octopus skirt and realistic eye and you’ve got a lure that’s irresistible to a wide variety of fish species. Plus it’s rigged with ultra sharp assist hooks for instant hook ups.

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Bruised Banana, Candy Apple, Orange Gold, Pink White, Rasta Man, Black Orange, Super Orange


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