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*Comet Paua*

A slim reverse tapered angled tube type head with an amazing action. Largest Black marlin for the 2016 Nationals.

*Comes with Paua Shell Head, view gallery and select skirt/tail via dropdown menu to create your lure.



Product Details

A Trifecta – Blue, Black and Striped marlin in a week on one boat, with this head in Gay Bob last season. **Largest Black marlin for the 2016 Nationals**

This is a slim reverse tapered angled tube type head with an amazing action. Mostly straight running then will dart aggressively to the side. A great wounded baitfish action. It sure draws them in but is still easy to eat.

Made with a new extra hard resin which won’t chip or crack as easily as normal resins.


  • Head Length: 58mm
  • Head Diameter: 30mm
  • Head Weight: 80g
  • Overall Lure Length: 275mm

*Comes with Paua Shell Head


Additional information

Skirt Colour Options

Bait Fish Teaser Tail, Black over Purple Teaser Tail, Blue Illusion Teaser Tail, Gay Bob Teaser Tail, Ghost Teaser Tail, Ice Blue Teaser Tail, Jelly Bean Teaser Tail, Lumo Teaser Tail, Lumo Ghost Teaser Tail, Kahawai Lumo Teaser Tail, Kinevil Teaser Tail, Koheru Teaser Tail, Mrs Palmer Teaser Tail, Oil Blue Teaser Tail, Oil Purple Teaser Tail, Oil Black Teaser Tail, Petro Teaser Tail, Reverse Evil Teaser Tail, Saury Teaser Tail, Skippy Teaser Tail, Squidgy Teaser Tail, Yellow Evil Teaser Tail


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