Legendary Lures


We have updated the production process for making the lures this season. This gives them a high gloss finish, also this has helped streamline production and allows us to get the prices even lower. The head shapes and weights etc are exactly the same, only the eyes have changed and head colours are now in a beautiful Green/Blue Paua, Pearl Shell & Purple.

  • Keel Weighted: Our Lures are keel weighted and balanced to ensure they run straight without spinning, and being weighted, your lure stays in the water in rough conditions. This helps keeps your lure working at an optimum and working – 100%of the time! Except for the Pushers
  • Hook Keepers: All the lures now come with a rubber hook keeper which allows the crimp to be pulled up inside and so your hooks can be set at whichever angle you prefer. Super
  • Bubbler Skirts: Our Super Bubbler Skirts have a unique surface texture that not only enhances the lure heads bubble trail but also produce their own bubble trail. These legendary fish magnets are available in a range of lengths and fish catching colours.
  • Silicone Teaser Tails: Our selection of proven Silicone Teaser Tails are available in some of the same colourways as the Super Bubblers. These are a more traditional skirt that run with a sleek smooth action. Also available skirted with any of the K-OSS skirt combinations you would like.

Running Performance

  • Swimmers: These lures run with a smooth action and are great in rough water. They can be trolled up to 12 knots, or 15 knots in calm water. Available in 3 sizes, Big Swimmer, Junior Big Swimmer, Medium Swimmer.
  • Rudy’s: The Rudy lures run with an aggressive action, providing plenty of splashes! They create a big shower and heavy surface bubble trail. Best used in calm to moderate weather. They can be trolled at 5-10 knots. Available in 2 sizes, Rudy, Medium Rudy.
  • Pushers: These are the easiest lure in the range to run, Just add water! Can be trolled from 5 – 10 knots.

Please Note: With over 400 individual lures in our range, we may have limited stock at times. There may be a 2 to 5  day delay to make your lure up. – we will advise you if this is the case. Hooker Lures, international tournament winning lures here in NZ, Australia, Tonga , Cabo, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea and South Africa.