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6 Caught On Hooker Lures…Cheers!

Hookers Lures

We’ve just finished fishing the Nationals where we tagged and released 2 stripeys on 1st day – both caught on a Hooker Lure (Blue Knight).

Dropped 5 others over next three days, 4 of which were on Hooker Lures. Cheers!

[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_id=”elm_5b02dfb759a18″ elm_title=”What great lures these are!” name=”Angler: Colin” name_height=”14″ name_color=”” job_title=”” country=”Bay Of Islands” company=”” web_url=”http://” image_file=”” disabled_el=”no” id_wrapper=”elm_5b02dfb759a20″ ]

What Great Lures These Are!

Lure: Medium Swimmer (Blue Knight)

Just got back from a fishing holiday in the Bay of Islands on my boat “Flying Start”.

Tagged and released 6 marlins, 3 of them on the Medium Swimmer (Blue Knight) lure, even though it was swimming alongside various other named brands. Proof again what great lures these are! Cheers – Colin

[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_id=”elm_5b02dfb759bb1″ elm_title=”The quality and workmanship is outstanding!” name=”Angler: Pete” name_height=”14″ name_color=”” job_title=”” country=”” company=”Team PO-CHA FISHING.” web_url=”http://” image_file=”” disabled_el=”no” id_wrapper=”elm_5b02dfb759bb8″ ]

The Quality and Workmanship Is Outstanding!

Lure: Big Swimmer

Just a short note to say thank you for helping with the personalised lure you made for me. The quality and workmanship is outstanding and I can’t wait to show it off this season.

I have included in the e-mail a photo of the marlin that we caught this year which at the time the fishing was very hard for some boats but we caught 2 marlin ( Blue and a Stripey) on two consecutive days on the same lure ( BLUE KNIGHT BIG SWIMMER). In fact the marlin swam past other lures to get it. Know that my boat will be fishing HOOKER lures this year.

Thanks, Pete the PO-CHA .

[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_id=”elm_5b02dfb759d7d” elm_title=”15 marlin caught on our lures!” name=”Angler: Matthew Fee” name_height=”14″ name_color=”” job_title=”” country=”Western Australia” company=”” web_url=”” image_file=”” disabled_el=”no” id_wrapper=”elm_5b02dfb759d84″ ]

15 Marlin Caught On Hooker Lures!

Lure: Big Swimmer – Blue Knight

Matthew’s team was runner-up in Western Australia’s biggest game fishing competition ” Exmouth’s Gamex “.

This was the first and smallest of 15 marlins caught on our lures by Matthew and his team during the comp. Awesome!

“We raised over 40 billfish, tagging 18 with all but 3 coming from my new Hooker lures.”

[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_id=”elm_5b02dfb759f13″ elm_title=”Wow…332.3kg Blue Marlin ” name=”Angler: Graeme Wiggins” name_height=”14″ name_color=”” job_title=”” country=”” company=”Boat: Satisfaction II | Skipper: Kelvin Cruickshank” web_url=”http://” image_file=”” disabled_el=”no” id_wrapper=”elm_5b02dfb759f1b” ]

Wow…332.3kg Blue Marlin – Competition Winner

Lure: Big Swimmer – Skippy colourway

Paired with one of our Wind on leaders. Wow – a fantastic catch for the launch Satisfaction II skippered by Kelvin Cruickshank.

His angler Graeme Wiggins played a blue marlin for 10 hours, with the fish dying during the play and a concerted effort between skipper, angler and crew planing up the fish and boating it. A Pin fish and competition winner .  Also the new Club line weight Record for a Blue Marlin

[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_id=”elm_5b02dfb75a0b3″ elm_title=”Bagged A 173.8kg Blue” name=”Angler: Stu Webb” name_height=”14″ name_color=”” job_title=”” country=”Bay Of Islands, NZ” company=”” web_url=”http://” image_file=”” disabled_el=”no” id_wrapper=”elm_5b02dfb75a0ba” ]

Bagged A 173.8kg Blue

Lure: Big Flat- Lumo Ghost Big Flat

Went out with a mate on our boat on Saturday and we managed to bag this one (a 173.8kg Blue) on my new Big Flat lure.

[/st_item_testimonial][/st_testimonial][/st_column][/st_row][st_row width=”full” background=”solid” solid_color_value=”#000000″ div_padding_top=”10″ div_padding_left=”10″ div_padding_right=”10″ id_wrapper=”elm_5ae7247a55ae3″ ][st_column][st_call_to_action text=”Top quality game fishing & puka tackle, at great prices!” cta_button_text=”SHOP ONLINE” cta_button_type_url=”” cta_button_color=”btn-primary” bg_color=”custom” bg_custom_color=”#3eb7f9″ id_wrapper=”call_to_action_ccc14d150ba3c55a9be19426314b1645″ ][/st_call_to_action][st_heading text_align=”center” normal_font_color=”#ffffff” id_wrapper=”heading_67e97ef4d83b6a8bee45eac2dc173140″ ]Free Shipping For All Orders over $100[/st_heading][st_row_2 id_wrapper=”elm_5b0df27bae6ce” ][st_column_2 span=”span12″][/st_column_2][/st_row_2][st_row_2][st_column_2 span=”span4″ id_wrapper=”elm_5ae7247a5520f” ][/st_column_2][st_column_2 span=”span4″ id_wrapper=”elm_5ae7247a552c9″ ][/st_column_2][st_column_2 span=”span4″ id_wrapper=”elm_5ae7247a554b3″ ][st_spacer height=”5″ id_wrapper=”elm_5ae7247a554ac” ][/st_spacer][/st_column_2][/st_row_2][st_row_2 background=”solid” solid_color_value=”#000000″ id_wrapper=”row_2_14d71035552fef7c92e4b5c611232830″ ][st_column_2 span=”span12″ id_wrapper=”column_2_14d71035552fef7c92e4b5c611232830″ ][st_row_3 width=”full” background=”solid” solid_color_value=”#000000″ div_padding_top=”10″ id_wrapper=”elm_5ae7247a55ad2″ ][st_column_3 span=”span6″ id_wrapper=”elm_5ae7247a55a0d” ][st_text el_title=”Copyright © {YEAR} All rights reserved.” wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ id_wrapper=”elm_5ae7247a55a05″ ]

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